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About SuperTanks

Game description

Party game for 8 players. Game is about fighting against opponents with tanks using various weapons.
First player always play using keyboard where others can use joypads. Preferred are xbox pads. (Full support for all kinds of joypads is not guaranteed)
You can fight in teams (from 2 to 4 teams) or deadmatch.
Weapons are bullets, lasers and bombs.
Players can collect bounses with different effects.
To make tank temporary faster you have to press special button. Using speed depletes your energy bar.
Energy bar is also used for firing laser so you have to decide what is more beneficient for you: laser or speed.
Beta online play. ( To play online as server you need open internet port 45544 or change it)
For now online play is only with keyboard.

11/01/2021 Update
Performace fix.

27/01/2021 Update
Fixed Statististics during gameplay
Changed Default Controls when tank is driving backwards
Fixed Tanks Collisions

25/01/2021 Update
Added Smoke Effect when Tanks is damaged.
A Few tweaks.

31/12/2020 Update
Fixed Laser hitbox
Added new game mode: Limited Ammo where as name implies players have limited bullets (no laser)
but they can resupply ammunition in their spawn points.

30/12/2020 Update
Some fixes

17/12/2020 Update:
Small tweaks.

08/11/2020 Update:
Tanks are changing size when upgraded.
Some fixes.

03/11/2020 Update:
Some fixes.

28/10/2020 Update:
Changed collisions methods for tanks and lasers.
Minor fixes.

24/10/2020 Update:
Added 2 bonuses (Extra Life and Health)
Collisions tweaks,

09/10/2020 Update:
New Game Mode added (with tanks health)

01/10/2020 Update:
Added Controls Settings in menu for Keyboard and presets for Joypad.

28/09/2020 Update:
Better collisions

12/09/2020 Update:
Fixed controls (added spacebar as fire)
Fixed collisions with map
Added online play (beta version)

03/09/2020 Update:
Slight improvements.

30/08/2020 Update:
Better tanks movement.

24/08/2020 Update:
Better controller support!!
Fixed few bugs.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 7,8,10
  • Storage: 30 MB available space

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