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Game info

Release date

12 Dec 2016


Dean Ashford

About Technoball

Game description

Technoball is a spin on an old classic! Technoball allows players to place their own music within the game, which is then used to adapt the arena through a dynamic audio visualiser. The game will package with a small amount of music, but the aim is for players to have their own soundtrack and play to the music they love! Your paddle's momentum has a direct effect on the ball. The faster you move, the faster the ball will get. Keep rallying to get the ball to insane speeds! Designed for 1-4 players using local play, pick from one of five game modes and maps. Get the ball past your opponent to score a point, first to 11 points wins in normal mode, first to 21 in Chaos! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- GAME MODES - 1 vs AI : Vanilla Technoball against a variety of bot difficulties - Normal mode : Technoball with periodic item spawns. Hit them with the ball to adapt game play! - Chaos mode : Items spawn 10 times quicker, and have no despawn timer! - Warp Mode : The walls aren't solid! Time bounces with the music to let the ball fly through and teleport to the other side. - Moving obstacles : Audio visualiser notes move around the arena ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ITEMS - Multiball : Instantly spawns 2 more balls! - Speed Down : Halves the speed of the ball for a specific amount of time - Speed Up : Doubles ball speed! - Size up : Ball size increases - Size down : The ball is tiny ;) - Reversal : Rebounds the ball in the opposite direction - Walls : Can only be collected by the main ball, builds a defensive wall for the last player that hit the ball - Paddle reversal : Inverts enemy controls for 3 seconds - Phase Ball : Ball can travel through obstacles and built walls

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