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About Thirty eternal days

Game description

Repent of your past and try to save the future in this sci-fi text-based interactive adventure game.

The medicine has cured humanity from the most important disease - oldness. Immortal people became different, but they were not devoid of their past vices: hatred, selfishness and waste. With economic, diplomatic, environmental and military policies, the Eternal Countries brought the world to its final - to the Catastrophe, from the consequences of which the Survivors, together with the Generation, cleanse the world to this day.

You are an employee of a rocket factory. You are helping the Government and its permanent wise leader - the Academician - to fulfill the space program. You've been doing this... You don't remember, for a long time. Before you were... You forgot this too, it was a long time ago. You have a lovely wife, beloved children (they were born after the Catastrophe, therefore they are proudly called Generation), a good job and friendly neighbors.

You love the State and hope that soon humanity will be restored and will forever rule the Earth, and then the Solar System! These are dreams, dreams. And now you are satisfied. Civilizational security agents and public watchdogs guard your peace and comfort from internal enemies. And the Medicine not only helps you to live forever, but also to forget that crazy colleague who shouted something about the returned memory and clogged by the guards of state order.

Long live the Government! Long live the Academician! Long live the Purification!


  • Focus on the plot. Playing with an emphasis on text (no music and graphics) allows you to focus on a non-linear plot, which, depending on your decision, has many variations.
  • Control the past and present of your character. The protagonist has nine options for the background, revealed when restoring memory. In the present, the main character can be either a criminal, an anti-state and a hack at work, or an exemplary citizen of the State who flawlessly fulfills his duties.
  • Influence the environment. A lot can be done in thirty days. Even save someone's life. But the most important thing is to save yourself.
  • Find the answers. Why was the Government created this way? Why don't you remember anything? Who is Academician?

System requirements

  • OS: Windows XP Service Pack 2+
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM

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