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About Vantageous

Game description

Welcome to Vantageous!
The placing, stacking and attacking board game, where your goal is to capture every one of your opponents pieces.

The game starts with a placement phase where players take turns placing roughly half of their pieces on the board.

From there the main phase of the game begins, where both players try to capture eachothers pieces. During this main phase, players can place new pieces anywhere on their side of the board. Players can also stack pieces on top of eachother to grant their pieces additional range.

The last player with pieces left on the board wins!

Once you have gotten the hang of it, try your luck on the competitive ranked ladder that features a one of a kind percentile based Elo system to see where you stack up against the rest of the community. Compete for glory and the chance to uncover the hidden super ranks.

Want to play with your friends? Vantageous contains an in game lobby system.

Want to play for fun? Try out our quickmatch queue where you can play casually against players of simmilar skill to you.

Want to hone your skills on your own? Test your skills against the CPU with a customizable sliding bar dashboard of skills.

New to the game and want to learn how to play? try out our in depth tutorial to make sure you understand the basics.

Want to talk about the game, suggest new features or report bugs? Join our discord channel:

We welcome you to the Vantageous community!

System requirements

  • OS: TBA
  • Processor: TBA
  • Graphics: TBA
  • Sound Card: TBA

Price History of Vantageous

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