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About Void Soul Awakening

Game description

Void Soul Awakening is a challenging fast-paced rogue-lite shooter. You will be thrown into the shoes....well....feet, of an immortal vessel as it makes its way through an unknown, undead prison with the sole purpose being to escape. To do so, you will have to fight through waves of enemies that become increasingly difficult as you conquer them groups at a time. Randomized levels and dungeon order will ensure that no run is the same and keep the player on their toes as they navigate the prison.


A hack and slash-inspired shooter:
  • Lock-on shooting to allow for fast-paced mobility and highly aggressive enemies and bosses. Knowing this, the skill for this shooter becomes mastery of movement rather than having perfect aim!

Randomized Weapons and Upgrades:
  • All weapons and upgrades that can be found each run are randomized. With a wide variety of different firearms, talismans, and special items, your ability to adapt every run will be put to the test!

Relentless Enemies/Challenging Gameplay:
  • Highly aggressive AI that will test the limits of your ability! The aggressive AI allows for a small margin of error making death and resurrection a recurring theme. Like with many games of this genre there is permadeath, when you die you will respawn back at the start of the first dungeon. Persistence is key as with each death you will continue to grow and adapt to eventually overcome the challenge!

  • You will start each run with a playstyle of choice. Each playstyle changes the way you will approach the combat as each one prioritizes the use of a specific mechanic. These mechanics can consist of an extra dodge button, slowing down time, dual-wielding any 2 weapons, and many more!

Procedural dungeons:
  • The prison consists of a variety of procedurally generated dungeons, each with different themes and mechanics! The dungeon order will be randomized with each run selecting a handful of dungeons out of the total number. This is to keep you on your toes as you will never know what is around the corner!

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: i5
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 970
  • Additional Notes: A rough estimate, subject to change

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