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About Zooconomy

Game description

Have you ever wondered how zoos get their animals? It's simple - via exchange. You need a Koala while the London Zoo needs a Brown Bear. What a coincidence you have a Brown Bear and the London Zoo has Koala. You shake hands and exchange animals. But what if you don't have a Brown Bear...

You're the zoo manager and head of the Zoo's exchange program. For various reasons you need animals and there are zoos which also want to exchange some of their animals. Find exchange chains, where you exchange with several other zoos only to exchange for animals you wanted in a first place. Animals are your currency. Build good relations with other zoos to exchange more animals or to exchange animals on your terms. Upgrade your zoo to increase capacity or to unlock new types of animals. Breed your unique animals to exchange them later and compete for the title of #1 zoo.

Play through historic campaigns based on real zoos and their stories. In each mission you will play as a specific zoo with a predetermined number of tasks. Learn history as you save animals in Berlin Zoo after World War II, take part in a breeding program to restore the Kiwi population in New Zealand, or lead an expedition to find the first giraffe in the wild and bring him to Schönbrunn Zoo.

Customize game rules, select the zoo you want and how you want to play. Collect all animals, fill the world with platypuses or become the number one zoo in the world. All tasks in this mode will be generated automatically, but you don't have to follow them.

Be prepared for random events: who knows what can happen with your one and only red panda. Maybe it will escape, maybe it will get ill. During the game you can encounter many random events:
  • Animal Escape
  • Epidemic
  • Poachers (Save animals)
  • Flooding
  • Forest fires
  • Fallen trees or other things which require repair

Travel to dense forests, deep waters, hot steppes and high mountains in search of the rarest animals. They are in danger of extinction, so breeding in captivity will preserve these species for future generations.

Learn more about animals and zoos in in-game Encyclopedia. General information, breeding periods and other useful information which can help you during the game.

  • More than 100 animals and 50 zoos
  • Different animals types: Birds, Reptiles, Mammals
  • Zoos from all continents
  • More than 10 historic based missions in Campaign
  • Fully customizable Sandbox
  • Random events
  • Expeditions for endangered animals
  • Encyclopedia with information about animals and zoos
  • Build and upgrade your Zoo

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 or newer
  • Processor: 2.0GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Storage: 100 MB available space

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