[GG.deals exclusive] Claim 1 of 1000 Steam keys for Mind Scanners beta!

[GG.deals exclusive] Claim 1 of 1000 Steam keys for Mind Scanners beta!
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Participate in our giveaway to gain exclusive access to Mind Scanners beta on Steam!

Mind Scanners is a new title published by Brave At Night studio (creators of Yes, Your Grace). The game depicts a gloomy vision of a future in which people have become completely dependent on technology and electronics. The player, as one of the Mind Scanners, has a task of diagnosing and normalizing people who have been recognized by the system as dangerous. However, this grim work is only a cover, because much more important events take place in the backstage. Moonrise's growing resistance movement is less and less pleased with the direction the world is headed. The situation isn’t getting any better by the fact that the protagonist's daughter is held captive certainly doesn't help.

In cooperation with the authors of the game, we have prepared a special giveaway for GG.deals users. You will be one of the first ones to have the opportunity of scanning human brains in Mind Scanners! Today, one of the Steam beta keys may be yours. First come first served!

Win 1 of 1000 Steam keys for Mind Scanners beta

The key gives you access to the Mind Scanners beta on Steam. You will be able to play your game until February 5th. The trial version offers 8 characters for diagnosis and 7 devices for scanning. Several story paths will be available and completing a single one will take about 40-50 minutes.

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