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Buy Warface - Currency Pack (500)

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About Warface - Currency Pack (500)

Game description

Kredits in the game

"Kredits are a universal currency in Warface. They allow you to perform many actions in the game:
- purchase items in the store or on the Marketplace;
- skip game event tasks if you don’t want to do them yourself;
- exchange crafting cards at a special exchange rate,
- and lots more."

Kredits are not a mandatory currency and most of the items in the game can be obtained without them. However, Kredits often help speed up the process if you’re on a time crunch.

Please note: you can’t buy every item in the game with Kredits and many articles in Warface can only be obtained by playing the game.

After payment, X Kredits will appear on your in-game account. Wait 15 minutes or restart the game if necessary.

"Important: This pack is intended only for Warface International players on Amsterdam, Washington, Hong Kong, San Jose, Singapore, or Dallas servers.

You will not be able to get the Kredits if you play on the Russian server."

Since the pack contains currency, it is not refundable. We can not refund your money after you make a purchase.

System requirements

Requirements for this ingame currency are unavailable.

Price History of Warface - Currency Pack (500)

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