Evil West is out on Steam! Get it cheap thanks to our price comparison

By kreskowaty
Evil West is out on Steam! Get it cheap thanks to our price comparison

Become a Wild West vampire-hunting superhero

The Wild West game about protecting the American frontier from the vampiric threat is out. If you’re up for an action-packed adventure full of shooting, punching, and burning creatures of the night, Evil West gameplay is undoubtedly what you are looking for. Who says cowboy titles can’t have a sci-fi and fantasy flavor?

This article will provide you with all the information you need before making a purchase. You’re in the best place to find all details about the EW price on PC, how to find it cheaper, and if it’s actually worth it. Stay with us to learn everything about this brutal PEGI 18 release developed by Flying Wild Hog.

Can I play Evil West on Steam?

When a game launches, one of the first questions that pop into the minds of PC gamers is easy to predict. It’s no different here, and you’re surely wondering if you can play Evil West on Steam. You’ll be glad to know that we have good news on that front.

At the moment, PC players can access EW gameplay only through Valve’s storefront. No exclusivity deals with the Epic Games Store were made, and you can rest assured that you can add this title to your favorite digital library. It’s unknown whether it will be available in Tim Sweeney’s shop in the future. At this time, we have little hope of this production ever becoming one of the EGS Thursday freebies.

What is the Evil West price?

When it comes to Evil West Steam price news, we also have an excellent announcement. The official store has it listed for only $49.99. In the age of AAA games costing more and more and the biggest hits often releasing for $70, it’s great to see mid-tier productions that still aim to provide a fun experience.

Saving a couple of bucks on a brand-new release, especially just before the Christmas season, will surely be appreciated by many gamers. The Evil West price might be the reason some of them choose to play this title instead of any other.

How to get Evil West cheap?

If the amount you need to pay on Valve’s launcher is too big, you might want to try browsing keyshop offers. Most of the time, the bargains you can find there are way better than in official shops. We’re sure that thanks to our GG.deals widget, you will be able to grab EW cheap.

Alternatively, you can wait a couple of days in hopes of an Evil West Black Friday sale. We know that it was only released, but with all the games coming out in recent weeks, a BF-specific discount would be a perfect promotional strategy. Be sure to regularly check our Black Friday deals 2022 news section to know everything going on this sale season.

Can I play Evil West in co-op?

But wait, there’s more good EW Steam news. It was only recently announced that despite being primarily a single-player adventure, there will be an online mode for you and one of your friends. That’s right, Evil West co-op is confirmed.

Slaying vampires alone is fun, but doing it with a companion will make your experience even better. Check out the trailer for this mode for some more information regarding the feature.

What do Evil West reviews say?

The EW reviews are in, and it looks like getting your hands on the game is well worth it. On Metacritic, it holds a respectable score of 73, while the Opencritic rating is STRONG with a Top Critic Average of 76. Some Evil West Steam users’ opinions are already available, and they fall in the Very Positive category.

Reviewers point out that while the title is far from the most original production they played in recent years, it’s very successful at what it’s trying to accomplish. And that is providing players with an exciting, action-packed adventure. The combat system is simple yet satisfying, the graphics are gorgeous, and the story is there only to push you from one enemy encounter to another. All of this is said to be executed so well that gamers are guaranteed a fun time. It seems that we will need to update our list of the best western games on PC soon.

What do you think about the newest production from Flying Wild Hog? Are you going to play it? Are you on the lookout for an Evil West Black Friday sale? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below.

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