PAYDAY 3 early access starts today! Here's how to play the game 3 days before release

By kasumi
PAYDAY 3 early access starts today! Here's how to play the game 3 days before release

Can't wait to rob the banks with your friends? There's a way to play PAYDAY 3 early. 

The third installment of the PAYDAY series is right around the corner. Titles that are known for a good co-op concept and mechanics are always looked forward to, and this game is no exception to the rule. If you and your teammates can't wait any longer and just wanna jump straight to the action, you can get PAYDAY 3 early access today and start playing. Read on to find out how. 

Play PAYDAY 3 early with Silver Edition

Despite coming out on September 21st, you can play PAYDAY 3 early by purchasing Silver Edition or Gold Edition By choosing the higher-tier version of the game, you'll be able to access the game 3 days before the release, on September 18th. The price for the silver edition Steam key is set at $69.99, but we've managed to find some offers that can help you save up to 24% off your purchase. 

-34%Historical low
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It's worth mentioning that the Microsoft Store key works not only on Xbox consoles but also on PCs, thanks to Xbox Play Anywhere. If you own both devices, you may want to browse through those offers.

Get PAYDAY 3 early access with Gold Edition

Bear in mind that you can also obtain PAYDAY 3 early access with Gold Edition, as it also includes all the benefits of the Silver Edition. It'll cost you $89.99 when purchased in the official stores, but we've managed to find some pretty tempting deals. As you can see by scrolling down, you can snatch the premium version of the game for roughly the same price as the silver version of the game.

-12% with GGDEALS12-22%
-12% with GGDEALS12Copy

What else is included in PAYDAY 3 Silver and Gold Editions?

It's not all about the ability to play PAYDAY 3 early, as both of those editions come with additional content for the game. For example, Silver Edition includes not only early access but also 6 months of SEASON PASS and the Dark Sterling mask. As mentioned above, Gold Edition grants all of the perks from Silver, plus even longer access to the season pass (12 in total), Skull of Liberty Mask, and The Gold Slate Gloves.

Will you choose a premium version to play PAYDAY 3 three days before the release day? What do you think of this pricing strategy? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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