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This edition includes


About Minoria Game + Official Soundtrack

Game description

Includes the Minoria game and Official Soundtrack.


MINORIA, Side NUN: Original Soundtrack
1 Reminiscence
2 Ramezia, 1203
3 Divine Mission ~ St. Hildreth's Cathedral
4 Pursuit
5 Augur
6 Blossoming Witch
7 Fragile Retreat Prelude ~ Princess Amelia
8 Fragile Retreat ~ The Library
9 Fire to Flowers
10 Witch of Ranillia ~ Decisive Battle
11 Witch of Ranillia ~ On the Brink of Death
12 Witch of Ranillia ~ Devoir
13 Arbor Prelude ~ Castle Outskirts
14 Arbor ~ Snakeroot Garden
15 A Chance Encounter
16 This Heavy Cross
17 Fran
18 Halls of Absolution ~ Mercy Cellar
19 A Betrayal
20 Despair, Darling.
21 Ceremony ~ St. Hildreth's Cathedral
22 Lair of Witchcraft ~ Royal Castle of Ramezia
23 Ink and Blood
24 Minoria ~ Ceremonial Forest
25 Auto-de-Fé I
26 Auto-de-Fé II
27 Auto-de-Fé III
28 Dance in the Dark

1 Defeat
2 Trailer Theme I
3 Trailer Theme II
4 Divine Mission (Alternate Version)
5 Augur (Extended Version)
6 This Heavy Cross (Alternate Version)
7 Fran (Alternate Version)
8 Minoria (Alternate Version)
9 Best Foot Forward (Unused Track)
10 Errant Lullabye (Unused Track)
11 Sister (Unused Track)

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