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Release date

18 Nov 2021




About World of Warcraft - The Stargazer's Pack

Game description

Take it to the stars
Illuminate the night skies of Azeroth with cosmetic items that will immediately become rising stars in your collection! This stellar bundle includes the brand-new Celestial Observer’s Ensemble transmog set, the Celestial Steed mount and the rambunctious Argi at an out-of-this-world discount. Offer available for a limited time.*

If you already own one or more items from The Stargazer’s Pack, its price will automatically adjust.

New Celestial Observer’s Ensemble transmog set
This complete cosmetic transmog set allows you to don raiment of pure stardust, woven through with the very magic used to forge the constellations of Azeroth. Celestial Observer’s Ensemble can be worn piecemeal or as a complete outfit, giving you the ultimate flexibility to express your fashion sensibilities.

A star-studded mount and an interstellar pet
Ride into the darkest night astride the magical Celestial Steed that will light your way through the duskiest corners of Azeroth, and enjoy uplifting companionship of Argi, your new inter-goat-lactic pet. Mount automatically scales to the fastest riding or flying skill known by each character

Shared across characters
Transmog set, pet and mount will be yours immediately after completing your purchase. Once activated, they will be applied to present and future World of Warcraft characters on a single regional Battle.net account and will appear in each character’s Collections Interface (Shift+P).

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