Coffee Talk is out on Game Pass

By Furrek
Coffee Talk is out on Game Pass
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XGP members can become baristas in a relaxing indie title.

As it was disclosed in yesterday's announcement of new games for the Xbox Game Pass, Coffee Talk is included in the ever-expanding library of fantastic PC titles.

The new addition is especially entertaining for good listeners and those who want to enjoy a more calm and relaxing indie title. In an alternative world where fantasy races are living together with human beings, everyone has a problem or two they would love to talk about and get some advice. As a barista, your job will focus on listening to alternative-Seattle inhabitants and helping them by serving something to drink. There are no dialogue options typical of visual novels. The story's outcome will depend on the drinks you prepare for clients.

Coffee Talk is available for GP subscribers on PC, Xbox consoles, and other devices, thanks to the xCloud. Go to this Microsoft store page to start playing it.

People joining the Microsoft subscription for the first time pay just a dollar to access Coffee Talk and dozens of other quality games.

In August 2022, seven more titles will join PC Game Pass. You can see the complete list of the upcoming XGP additions for this month on

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