Gorogoa, The Pedestrian and Olija are now included with PC Game Pass

By Furrek
Gorogoa, The Pedestrian and Olija are now included with PC Game Pass

Three amazing indie games are now available for members.

Today's batch of PC Game Pass new additions is dedicated to all lovers of indie titles. These three games received a positive response from both critics and players!

Gorogoa is one of the new games in PC Game Pass library. But calling it only a game would be inappropriate, because the way it plays and feels  is more similar to a work of art - a unique and imaginative gameplay combined with detailed hand-drawn visuals. Gorogoa takes the whole puzzle genre to the next level. One that won't be forgotten or repeated in a long time.

The next game from today's batch is The Pederastian. This titles also features a very creative and original ideas. In this mix of puzzle and platformer, your stages are... public signs. Rearrange and reconnect these to be able to advance through many levels.

For the finale we have Olija, a platformer game with appealing pixel art and melancholic music. In this game you play as a man who is trying to return to his homeland. Will you be able to face the unknown and leave the hostile country of Terraphage?

Those who've never subscribed to PC Game Pass are still able to make use of a deal which gives three months of access to the subscription for a price of $1 / 1€ / £1 / 4 zł. Join now and play these new games, and more from the most impressive library of PC titles!

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