IMMORTALITY joins Game Pass today - play it for just $1!

By kasumi
IMMORTALITY joins Game Pass today - play it for just $1!
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With 92% Metascore, IMMORTALITY might be a GOTY candidate. Here is how to play this game for cheap.

Some might wonder, "Why are you writing about some interactive movie game instead of covering more popular AAA titles?" Trust us, the upcoming project from the creator of Her Story and Telling Lies is more promising than it appears to be.

Sam Barlow has prepared a captivating story about a missing actress that we discover by carefully going over the footage of unreleased movies. By putting your detective skills into action, you'll start uncovering multiple layers of this mystery. If the premise hasn't taken away your breath just yet, there're plenty of reasons that might persuade you to at least consider IMMORTALITY cheap. 

IMMORTALITY reviews are overwhelmingly positive

Who could have thought that a story-driven indie game was capable of captivating our attention? IMMORTALITY reviews are in, and people are taken by surprise. Luckily, the surprise is a pleasant one. 

The critics are generous with praise this time around. IMMORTALITY got an eye-popping 92 Metascore, while 100% of critics recommend giving the game a try. While the mechanics are pretty simple, the professional reviewers distinguish the magical atmosphere, fantastic actors' performances, and thought-provoking plot. Judging by the flattering opinions, it is undoubtedly one of the must-play titles of the year.

How to play IMMORTALITY on Game Pass for $1?

Those who're eager to get their hands on cheap IMMORTALITY on Game Pass might want to pay close attention to Microsoft's subscription service. The game will be made available on Game Pass via PC, Xbox consoles, and xCloud from Day One. The newcomers are especially lucky, as they are eligible for a special offer.

The new subscribers can join and play IMMORTALITY via Game Pass for just $1 / 1€ / £1 / 4 zł! That's the price for the first month of the service. Apart from that, the users will get access to an extensive library of titles. No matter how you look at it, it's the best IMMORTALITY discount you can get your hands on.

Can I buy IMMORTALITY on Steam cheap?

We understand that some players might not be thrilled by the idea of monthly payments for accessing the game. For those looking to buy IMMORTALITY cheap from a store, you might need to wait a little bit. At the moment, the retail offers are not available yet. We will update the article as soon as the title comes out. Then, you'll be able to compare them and view the best IMMORTALITY price for the PC game version.

However, feel free to create the price alert on and adjust its criteria to your liking. You will be automatically notified about the IMMORTALITY sale in the future.

Are you excited about the new title as we are? Will you use the GP offer, or you're going to wait until the IMMORTALITY discount appears in some of the other stores? Let us know in the comment section below!

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