INSIDE joins Xbox Game Pass today

By Furrek
INSIDE joins Xbox Game Pass today
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Play the critically acclaimed indie game.

The latest addition to XGP in July 2022 is INSIDE. You can enjoy it on PC, as well as on Xbox consoles and via xCloud.

INSIDE is an award-winning title about a boy at the center of a mystery project. As you can guess from the distinct look, it's a successor to LIMBO, another indie title from Playdead released in 2010. You can expect a unique, dark atmosphere, challenging puzzles, and intense platforming action.

  • INSIDE - available now on PC Game Pass

You can use the widgets below if you are not a GP member but want to become one to play INSIDE. As a new subscriber, you get to pay just a dollar for an entire month. You can choose between PC-only membership, or Ultimate, which allows you to play the newly added titles on other devices.

Curious about Microsoft's plans for their gaming subscription service next month? Check the list of games coming to Game Pass in August 2022 and find out what you will be able to play soon.

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