OMORI is now available on PC Game Pass

By Furrek
OMORI is now available on PC Game Pass

To everyone's surprise, one of the best indie games of 2020 is now available for Game Pass subscribers!

You most likely heard about OMORI if you've been following the indie game scene closely. If you haven't, we'd love to inform you that this is a must-play for everyone who loves Undertale and similar games.

OMORI makes a surprise launch on Game Pass

Everyone loves that kind of surprise addition! The game popped out today on the Microsoft gaming platform and is immediately available to play on PC Game Pass, Xbox console, and Xbox Could.

OMORI is a typical role-playing game where you will lead a party and fight monsters. But in the case of this title, the main characters are just kids, and you will discover the reality and the world of dreams with them.

The game puts a more significant focus on story-telling than gameplay. Its visuals might suggest that you are about to play something cute, but you couldn't be more wrong. The game is a solid horror game that features dark themes.

Go to this Microsoft Store page if you want to play the game now. Game Pass subscribers can play OMORI at no additional cost.

If you are not a PC Game Pass member or wish to rejoin the gaming subscription service, now is the best time to do so. Microsoft offers new and returning members a fantastic deal. Pay only $1 / 1€ / £1 / 4 zł to access Game Pass for three months!

There is an excellent Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offer at the same price. This subscription allows you to enjoy the advantages of Game Pass on your Xbox consoles and other devices, thanks to xCloud.

Want to know know what else is coming to Game Pass soon? Check our articles about new additions for June 2022 or July 2022, or look at the complete list of games announced during the Xbox & Bethesda showcase.

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