OPUS: Echo of Starsong and EXAPUNKS join XGP today

By Furrek
OPUS: Echo of Starsong and EXAPUNKS join XGP today
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Another two games are coming to Microsoft's service.

Two new titles are now available for Xbox Game Pass members. You'll definitely be delighted if you are up for a good story or puzzle solving!

2 new games join Xbox Game Pass in August 2022

OPUS: Echo of Starsong tells a story about unraveling an ancient myth. Eda, capable of hearing the thunderous sound of starsongs in space, meets Jun, who is on a mission to find their source. Can they together bring their mystery to light? There is only one way to find out - playing it with an XGP subscription.

If sci-fi is not to your taste, maybe writing viruses will bring you some fun. EXAPUNKS is a programming puzzle game from renowned developer Zachtronics. If you have never heard of them, Zachtronics is well known for making unique puzzle titles. You can be sure that each of their released titles is extremely fun to play, and this one is now available for PC members of XGP.

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As a member of Microsoft service, you can play all of today's additions at no extra cost. Are you not a subscriber? Then look at this tempting offer, which will let you access an ever-growing library of PC games for a single dollar!

To take advantage of all XGP benefits, you will need the Ultimate membership, also available at the introductory one-dollar price. This subscription will let you access all titles not just on PC but also on your Xbox console and other devices, such as tablets or smartphones.

Pretty exciting games will be available from next month on Xbox Game Pass. If you want to learn about them, check out the Game Pass September 2022 line-up on GG.deals.

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