Pay $1 and play FIFA 23 PC right now with EA Play

By kreskowaty
Pay $1 and play FIFA 23 PC right now with EA Play

Fans of the legendary football series rejoice! You can play FIFA 23 early!

Football continues to be the most popular sport in the world. No wonder each entry to the FIFA series from EA is hugely popular as well. With the official release of FIFA 23 coming very soon, we have great news for fans who would love to get their hands on the game a little early.

Apart from the updated rosters, the 2023 iteration brings the HyperMotion2 Technology aimed at delivering even more realism into the gameplay. Post-launch, FIFA 23 will be updated with both the men’s and women’s FIFA World Cup. Thanks to crossplay, players will be able to compete against opponents on different platforms.

Play FIFA 23 today with EA Play

Despite the fact that the release date for FIFA 23 is September 30, 2022, EA Play subscribers can play it today! The title was added to EA’s gaming service. That means that you can access it at no additional cost and play it for up to 10 hours before the official launch.

If you’re not an EA Play user you might be happy to find out that the membership is quite cheap. You can get it for only $4.99 / 3,99 € / £3.99 / 14,99 zł. There are lots of other fantastic games from Electronic Arts you can play thanks to the service.

How to get EA Play cheap?

It’s also important to know that members of the Ultimate tier of Xbox Game Pass have EA Play included in their subscription package. That’s an even cheaper way of playing FIFA 23 early, as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is only $1.00 / 1,00 € / £1.00 / 4,00 zł for new users.

As part of this tier of the service, you will also be able to play a huge selection of games not only on your PC, but also on your Xbox console and, thanks to streaming, on your mobile devices.

Are there other ways to play FIFA 23 early?

Finally, there is one more way of playing the newest football game from Electronic Arts today. Early access is also granted to all players who purchased the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition version of the title. If you're thinking about getting this edition, this might just be the reason to go for it.

Below you can find the best deals for the Ultimate package.

Are you a fan of football and the FIFA series? Do you subscribe to EA Play? Are you planning to play FIFA 23 early? Tell us everything in the comments section below.

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