Prime Gaming May 2022 - what games are we getting? (update #1)

By Furrek
Prime Gaming May 2022 - what games are we getting? (update #1)

UPDATE: six titles are now officially confirmed! Find out what will join Amazon Prime Gaming in May 2022.

As usual, near the end of the month, we got a hands-on with some interesting leaks. This time is no different; we already know what Amazon Prime will bring us in May 2022!

The leaks of upcoming Prime Gaming free titles turned out to be true many times in the past, so we can only assume that this will be the case this time as well.

According to the list, this is what Prime Gaming May 2022 will look like:

Update: The list is now officially confirmed and features one additional game, Shattered - Tale of the Forgotten King. Here is the official trailer with titles coming to the subscription in May 2022!

Compared to the last month's offer, it looks like we will receive less games. But no worries! As it happened before, the list usually gets an extra game or two after the official announcement. But that's for us to find out in less than a week!

Once the official list rolls out, we will inform you about that and accordingly update the article. If you are interested in staying up-to-date with everything noteworthy about the Amazon gaming subscription, check our Prime Gaming free games news section. 

What are your thoughts on Amazon Gaming May 2022? Is the next month's line-up as exciting as you would want it to be? Below, you can find the comment section where you can share a piece of mind with other users and us.

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