Seven new Humble Games titles coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one

By Furrek
Seven new Humble Games titles coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one
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The lineup features Ghost Song, Moonscars, Infinite Guitars, and more!

As the collaboration between Microsoft and Humble Games continues, we can expect more amazing indie titles to join Xbox Game Pass from day one. In a recently released video, Humble teases 5 new additions and 2 titles that are already available in the subscription. You will be able to play all 7 games by the end of this year!

Humble Games titles in Xbox Game Pass

Here is the complete list of indie games Humble Games publisher that will appear in the XGP by the end of the year:

You can see the gameplay from all 7 titles in a short video posted by Xbox.

All of these games will be available within Xbox Game Pass subscription in 2022. If you don't have Game Pass yet, Microsoft has an excellent offer for new subscribers - pay a single dollar to gain access to the library of 500 PC games for a month:

Did you know that has recently posted a complete list of games coming to Game Pass in 2022 and 2023? Check it out to learn about more amazing games heading to GP subscription!

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