Soccer Story is out on PC Game Pass

By Furrek
Soccer Story is out on PC Game Pass

A sports-themed game has made it to the popular gaming subscription.

If you are a football fan who is tired of practically identical FIFA games, the latest XGP addition, Soccer Story, will surely pique your interest. It's a newly released adventure RPG featuring the most popular sport ever created as its theme. The activity has been banned in the game's world, and you are not even allowed to kick the ball. 

Thankfully, a magical soccer ball appears, choosing no one else but you, to be the Savior of the most engaging sport in the world! Use it to compete in different sports, beat the bad guys, solve puzzles and discover secrets. Besides a single-player mode with a captivating story, you can enjoy playing against your friends in local multiplayer games.

  • Soccer Story - Play on PC, Xbox Consoles, and other devices with xCloud

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