Train Sim World 3 confirmed for Xbox Game Pass

By Furrek
Train Sim World 3 confirmed for Xbox Game Pass
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Fans of the simulation games will have one more reason to stay subscribed to XGP!

It's official - Train Sim World 3 is coming to Xbox Game Pass! What's more, it's going to be available sooner than you could expect. The latest entry in popular railway simulation games will launch on September 6th. That's less than a month until the release!

Train Sim World 3 will be available from Day One on PC Game Pass, Xbox Game Pass, and xCloud.

The latest entry in the franchise features true-to-life performance and handling of machines, realistic weather, and the option to access all of your content from the previous installment.

The cheapest way to play Train Sim World 3 at launch is to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass! New members can get the first month of subscription for only one dollar.

Source: Official Xbox website

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