Undungeon, Exo One and more games are now available with Xbox Game Pass for PC

By Furrek
Undungeon, Exo One and more games are now available with Xbox Game Pass for PC

Starting from today, four new games are available for subscribers.

Two newly released games and two highly-rated indie games are now a part of the amazing Xbox Game Pass games library. Will you play any of the following games?

The most intriguing of the games added to Xbox Game Pass for PC today is Undungeon, a brand-new title published by tinyBuild.

This action role-playing game features colorful pixel art graphics, enormous open world and a rich science fiction story. Go on a quest to restore the order of the shattered multiverse.

The other game added on Day One to Game Pass is Exo One.

As pilot of an alien probe, go on a surreal journey across the space and time to explore unique open worlds.

Do we have any fans of Final Fantasy Tactics series here? Fae Tactics, which was added today to the subscription, features a turn-based tactical gameplay that may appeal to fans of the mentioned gaming gem!

In this game, you set on a journey across a colorful world full of danger and mystery!

The last game from today's batch is My Friend Pedro. The game was already on Xbox Game Pass for PC subscription before, but left it after a while.

Now, the game is making a comeback! Go on a wild ride with a talking banana and do some awesome slow-mo action killing.

Do you want to play any of these games, but you are not a member? Now might be the best time to join the party.

Currently, people who never subscribed to Xbox Game Pass for PC before are able to join the subscription for only $1 / 1€ / £1 / 4 zł and get three months of access to the most impressive library of PC titles!

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