You Suck at Parking joins Xbox Game Pass

By Furrek
You Suck at Parking joins Xbox Game Pass

XGP members can show off their parking skills in the newest addition to the Microsoft service.

As announced, You Suck at Parking launches on day one with Xbox Game Pass. You can play the newly released indie title on PC, Xbox consoles, and other devices such as tablets and smartphones via xCloud.

The new Happy Volcano production will put your parking skills to the test. Ironically, You Suck at Parking is a racing game whose primary goal is to stop. It features over 100 challenging levels and online multiplayer. Are you better at parallel parking than your friends? Play to find out!

If you want to play this new indie title but are not a member of XGP, we have good news! New users can enjoy the first month of Game Pass, either to PC or Ultimate, for a single dollar! Below you can see offers for two versions of the subscription. Pick the one that meets your requirements.

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