Update: Salenauts.com will merge with GG.deals on 15th October 2018. Your account (with your wishlist and collection) will transfer over to the new site. You don't need to do anything :) Head over to GG.deals beta site to discover the new features that will become available to you soon!

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Salenauts never left the beta phase and... never will. The improvements we've been working on for the last 2 years took us so far that we've decided to launch the improved site as a completely new entity. Once GG.deals  leaves beta, it will replace salenauts.com. Head over there and see what changed!

Here are some features we're really excited about:

  • Salenauts Pricetracker is now a highly customizable section named Deals and it  enables you to track sales (just like Salenauts), but this time with enormous amount of filters to narrow your criteria!
  • Any filters you choose to use on Deals or Games can now be saved as presets. You can come back to your presets anytime in the future.
  • Every deal now has a secret-formulae "Deal rating". We're attempting to distinguish good deals form merely average ones. The rating is determined by the price history as well as number of occurencies in user wishlists.
  • We have a brand new "Alerts" system. You can create a price drop Alert and receive a notification (locally, by email or via the browser) when the price drops below acceptable level. You can also receive a notification when the game is featured in a news (choose between: Bundles, Deals, Giveaways, Freebies).
  • Every lowest recorded price is now marked in green. If the price button is green - be sure that price is better than ever!


GG.deals will remain in beta phase for a few weeks and after that time it will replace Salenauts.  How do you like what we accomplished?