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Our selection of top game deals for Steam, Origin, Uplay, Epic Store and cd keys. This preset promotes games most wishlisted by our users at historically lowest prices. Games are sorted by deal rating - a special algorithm created by to help you find best pc game deals on the web.

How does the deal rating work?

The deal rating promotes both cheap games (such as indie games and older titles) as well higher priced new game releases. In fact, every game has a chance to achieve the top score. The rating is determined by three main factors:

  • Wishlist appearances - the more users add the game to their wishlist, the better Deal rating for this game
  • Relation to game’s historical price - the closer to historically lowest price, the better the rating. Prices better than previous historical low score bonus point.
  • Discount - highest discounts score the best rating

The rating is very subjective, however it should help you spot some hidden gems among thousands of game sales available.

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