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This preset aggregates all the latest deals on video games. As soon as we detect a price drop in one of the stores, we let you know about it on this page. We restrict Hot New Deals only to reasonably popular titles with good discounts. If you ask yourself - is there any deal? - use this preset to stay up to date with latest discounts and cheap steam keys.

What makes a deal a “Hot New Deal? scans digital distribution stores at least once per hour. If our system detects a change in price we instantly update our database with new information. We then run our special algorithm to determine the quality of the deal and assign a new Deal Rating. If the game in question is popular among users and the price is close to its historically low point, then we give such offer a high score and the game is instantly featured on Hot New Deals preset. Currently, the minimum Deal Rating for offers on this page is set at 5.0/10.