Battlefield 3 Ultimate Shortcut Bundle

Battlefield 3 Ultimate Shortcut Bundle
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Get all 119 weapons and gadgets for all four classes, as well as all of the upgrades for both ground and air vehicles. Take command of the war with the Ultimate Shortcut Bundle for Battlefield 3.The Engineer destroys the enemy aircraft, the Recon expert paints the target, the Support team rains down mortar shells, and the Assault class leads the rest of the troops in for the cleanup. Battlefield 3 sets a new standard for first-person military shooters with incredibly realistic and gripping gameplay. Take your game to the next level quickly and easily with the only download pack you'll ever need.ASSAULT KIT UNLOCKS: Defibrillator M320 40MM Grenade Launcher M26 Mass Lightweight Shotgun System M416 Rifle AEK-971 Rifle M16A4 Rifle F2000 Rifle AN-94 Rifle M16A3 Rifle (RU) AK-74M Rifle (US) ENGINEER KIT UNLOCKS: SA-18 IGLA FIM-92 Stinger M15 AT Mines SCAR-H Rifle EOD Bot M4 Rifle A-91 Rifle FGM-148 Javelin G36C Rifle AKS-74u Rifle (US) M4A1 Rifle (RU) RECON KIT UNLOCKS: T-UGS Sensor SV98 Rifle SOFLAM MAV SKS Rifle M40A5 Rifle M98B Rifle MK11 Rifle (RU) SVD Rifle (US) SUPPORT KIT UNLOCKS: C4 Explosives M249 LMG Claymore Mines M224 Mortar PKP Pecheneg LMG M240B LMG M60E4 LMG M27 IAR Rifle (RU) RPK-74M Rifle (US) CO-OP WEAPON UNLOCKS: REX Pistol KH2002 Assault Rifle MP7 PDW M39 EMR 93R Pistol SG553 G3A3 Assault Rifle TANK UNLOCKS: IR Smoke Coaxial Light Machine Gun Autoloader Zoom Optics Preventative Maintenance Coaxial Heavy Machine Gun Proximity Scan Guided Shells Thermal Optics Thermal Camo Canister Shell Reactive Armor CITV Station IFV UNLOCKS:IR Smoke Missile Launcher Belt Speed Coaxial Light Machine Gun Thermal Optics Proximity Scan Zoom Optics Preventative Maintenance APFSDS-T Armor-piercing Shells Thermal Camo Guided Anti-tank Missiles Reactive Armor ANTI-AIR VEHICLE UNLOCKS: IR Smoke AA Missile Launcher Belt Speed Zoom Optics Proximity Scan Thermal Optics Air Radar Preventative Maintenance Thermal Camo Reactive Armor ATTACK HELICOPTER UNLOCKS: Heat Seeking AA Missiles Stealth Autoloader Zoom Optics Proximity Scan Air Radar Guided Air to Ground Missiles Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Thermal Optics Laser Painter Below Radar ECM Jammer Guided Rocket TV Guided Missiles SCOUT HELICOPTER UNLOCKS: Heat Seeking AA Missiles Stealth Belt Speed Proximity Scan Air Radar Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Guided Air to Ground Missiles Below Radar Laser Painter ECM Jammer JET UNLOCKS: Heat Seeking AA Missiles Stealth Belt Speed Proximity Scan Rocket Pods Air Radar Fire Extinguisher Below Radar Maintenance Guided Air to Ground Missiles Beam Scanning ECM Jammer



Electronic Arts

Release Date

10 Jun 2012