BF3: Engineer Kit Shortcut

BF3: Engineer Kit Shortcut
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Instantly unleash the full potential of the Engineer Kit! This Shortcut unlocks all weapons and gadgets unique to the Engineer Kit. This pack immediately unlocks all 11 weapons and gadgets unique to the Engineer Kit in Battlefield 3. These items are normally unlocked by earning experience while playing as the Engineer class.ENGINEER KIT UNLOCKS IN THIS PACK:• SA-18 IGLA• FIM-92 Stinger• M15 AT Mines• SCAR-H Rifle• EOD Bot• M4 Rifle• A-91 Rifle• FGM-148 Javelin• G36C Rifle• AKS-74u Rifle for your US soldier• M4A1 Rifle for your Russian soldier



Release Date

21 Oct 2011