BF3: Kit Shortcut Bundle

BF3: Kit Shortcut Bundle
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Instantly unleash the full potential of all four playable classes in one go! This bundle unlocks all weapons and gadgets unique to all four Kits. This bundle immediately unlocks all 39 weapons and gadgets unique to the Assault, Engineer, Recon, and Support Kit in Battlefield 3. These items are normally unlocked by earning experience while playing as the different classes. ASSAULT KIT UNLOCKS:DefibrillatorM320 40MM Grenade LauncherM26 Mass Lightweight Shotgun SystemM416 RifleAEK-971 RifleM16A4 RifleF2000 RifleAN-94 RifleM16A3 Rifle (RU)AK-74M Rifle (US)ENGINEER KIT UNLOCKS:SA-18 IGLAFIM-92 StingerM15 AT MinesSCAR-H RifleEOD BotM4 RifleA-91 RifleFGM-148 JavelinG36C RifleAKS-74u Rifle (US)M4A1 Rifle (RU)RECON KIT UNLOCKS:T-UGS SensorSV98 RifleSOFLAMMAVSKS RifleM40A5 RifleM98B RifleMK11 Rifle (RU)SVD Rifle (US)SUPPORT KIT UNLOCKS:C4 ExplosivesM249 LMGClaymore MinesM224 MortarPKP Pecheneg LMGM240B LMGM60E4 LMGM27 IAR Rifle (RU)RPK-74M Rifle (US)



Release Date

27 Mar 2012