BF3: Vehicle Shortcut Bundle

BF3: Vehicle Shortcut Bundle
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Rule both air and ground with this massive bundle featuring all unlocks for all air and ground vehicles in Battlefield 3! This bundle immediately unlocks all 73 upgrades for the attack helicopters, scout helicopters, jets, infantry fighting vehicles, tanks, and anti-air vehicles in Battlefield 3. These items are normally unlocked by earning experience while using these vehicles in the game.HELICOPTER/JET UNLOCKS:• AA Missiles• Stealth• Belt Speed• Autoloader• Zoom Optics• Proximity Scan• Air Radar• Guided Air to Ground Missiles• Fire Extinguisher• Maintenance• Thermal Optics• Laser Painter• Below Radar• ECM Jammer• Guided Rocket• TV Guided Missiles• Rocket Pods• Beam ScanningTANK/IFV/ANTI-AIR UNLOCKS:• IR Smoke• Coaxial Light Machine Gun• Belt Speed• Autoloader• Zoom Optics• Maintenance• Coaxial Heavy Machine Gun• Proximity Scan• Guided Shells• Thermal Optics• Thermal Camo• Canister Shell• Reactive Armor• CITV Station• Missile Launcher• APFSDS-T Armor-piercing Shells• Guided Anti-tank Missiles• AA Missile Launcher• Air Radar



Release Date

29 Mar 2012