Expansion - Crusader Kings II: Way of Life

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Face up to the toil, struggle, pain, strife and hardships of leadership in the latest expansion for Crusader Kings II.

Developed by award winning Paradox Development Studios. The latest iteration to the franchise follows in the proud tradition of introducing defining new game elements to the narrative.

Crusader Kings II: Way of Life allows you to live life the way you like, be it as a peaceful mystic, a family man or a master of war. Each chosen focus will tell a different tale and presents an opportunity to forge your path to success by setting your focus and shaping the destiny of your empire.

Main features:

  • Set a Focus (a "way of life") for your character to give them an immediate skill boost, develop their abilities and determine the kind of events and decisions they tend to get (there are ten of these focuses: Rulership, Business, Hunting, War, Family, Carousing, Seduction, Intrigue, Scholarship and Theology.)
  • Hundreds of new events and 20 new images.
  • Many new diplomatic interactions (Duel, Seduce, Banish to Monastery, Break up with Lover, etc).


Paradox Development Studio

Release Date

16 Dec 2014

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