FortressCraft Evolved: Frozen Factory Expansion

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Winter Is Here... Go deeper into the underground caverns, challenging the frozen depths as you search for new materials to advance your technology in the first expansion pack for Fortresscraft Evolved. Within the interior of this rugged and unforgiving environment you will find new ores and crystals needed to design advanced weapons, suit upgrades and energy production machines. Energy is the key to survival and ultimate victory...mastering these elements will prove essential to escaping the planet.But who said survival would be easy? Thawing the cold caverns into a livable environment has awoken a long slumbering alien menace, the Cryoplasm spores. Now hungry to feed off the new source of heat and energy they collectively creep their way toward your base, devouring any machinery in their path. Only a new grade of flame weaponry can hold off their attack, but can you develop the technology and resources in time?The Frozen Factory will add 100s of hours of expanded single and multiplayer gameplay to the FortressCraft universe and includes these new features:
  • Go deeper into your environment than ever before, building machines to survive -300m.
  • Create an advanced mining operation to utilize new subterranean ores and crystals.
  • All new Cryoplasm Spore menace enhances the Tower-Defense style combat.
  • Over 50 new machines and upgrades to research and develop.
  • Enhance your suit to sustain severe cold, including an all-new Mark 3 Drill Gun.
  • New ores, crystals and rocks to mine and craft dozens of new recipes from.
  • 2 new skins for your avatar, ARTHER and Spiderbot, exclusive to Frozen Factory players.
  • Build the biggest machine yet in FortressCraft - the lava-seeking MagmaBore, nearly 80,000 cubic meters in size!

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