Adventures of Heroes

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Mario has long been a pensioner, but there appear a new hero! The relay-race of adventures is taken over by a small monkey, which armed with a weighty stick and bones from fruit. Now you can not only jump on your heads, but also to hit your enemies with a stick and fling bones at them! Besides, the monkey can climb on the walls! Old Mario didn’t even dream about it ... In this colorful two-dimensional platformer in the spirit of the legendary Mario you can expect: - 4 huge game worlds with 36 levels and four huge bosses. - Bonuses in the form of broken blocks. - Possibility to thrash on the heads of a massive staff. - The opportunity to climb on the sheer walls. - Fruit bones in the role of missile - Easy control. A variety of locations, flying platforms, dangerous enemies and much more awaits you in this game.



Release Date

29 Sep 2017