Gold Rush: The Game

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Just Updated

Update 1.5.2 is LIVE!

Check out the new free content:
  • Leaderboards
  • New & Updated National Flags Skins
  • and more!

Click here
for the full list of changes.

Just Updated

Update 1.5.1 is LIVE!

Check out the new free features:
  • Pressure System
  • Power System
  • Christmas Gift
  • and more!

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for the full list of changes.

Just Updated

Anniversary Update is LIVE!

Check out the new free features:
  • Four Seasons Cycle
  • Achievements
  • Reversed Tutorial
  • Difficulty Modes
  • and more!

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    for the full list of changes.

    Just Updated

    Halloween Time-Limited Event is LIVE!

    Play on your own responsibility:
    • Scary Vehicle Skins
    • Spooky Decorations

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    for the full list of changes.

    Just Updated

    Update 1.4.4 is LIVE!

    Check out the new free features:
    • Collectible Stories
    • Fast Travel
    • New Vehicle Paint Jobs
    • More Repairs
    • Redesign of Existing Systems

    Click here
    for the full list of changes.

    Just Updated

    Update 1.4.3 - Repairs Part 2 and 'Re-worked' Workers are LIVE!

    Optimization upgrade, new features, and improvement to the existing system.

    • Keep an eye on your Washplant, as from now on, it can break when least expected.
    • Create a team of workers specializing in Vehicles or Washplant and benefit from a special boost!
    • Experience an optimization upgrade as a result of switching to Unity 2018.1.

    Check full changelog here.

    Just Updated

    Update 1.4.2 - Tutorial and Hard Mode are LIVE!

    Brand-new features for new and experienced players!

    Start your gold mining operation in no time with a simple tutorial.
    Once you're experienced enough, put your skills to the test and face the serious difficulties of gold mining with Hard Mode.

    Check Hard Mode's features and full changelog here.

    Just Updated

    Update 1.4 - Repairs Part 1 are LIVE!

    New tools, breakable parts, and a whole new system of machine repairs.

    Experience brand new game-changing system as from now on your machines can break when least expected.
    Purchase spare parts and take advantage of new tools in your quest to strike it rich!

    Check out the list of new tools and breakable parts here.

    Just Updated

    Update 1.3 is LIVE!

    New free content, bug fixes, and significant performance upgrade!

    Hello Prospectors,
    We proudly present the 1.3 Update, which includes:
    • New equipment.
    • New features.
    • New lacquers.
    • Performance upgrade.
    • Bug fixes.

    See the full changelog:

    New Equipment
    Gold Nuggetator - save precious time by washing multiple miner's mosses (big and small) at once.

    New Water Pumps - we introduce new pumps, adapted to the changing needs of the gold mining operation. Depending on the scale of your activities, choose from Big Water Pump, Big Electric Water Pump, or the top class Big Electric Water Pump.

    New features
    Online stores - with Online Equipment Store and Online Machines Store available on your laptop, you can make your life easier and spend more time digging gold instead of shopping.

    Rotating objects - not only for perfectionists. Additional precision will allow you to create your perfect setup.

    Claim reset - now that you've gained experience, you can start fresh and use your know-how to run your gold mining operation more effectively.
    Important! Machines from the claim will go back to the Shop, but Equipment will be lost.

    And more - Excavator's mouse digging mode, Notification's tab on the laptop, Season 1 trophy, and other are waiting for you in Gold Rush: The Game. Go check it now!

    New Lacquers
    Tired of your ordinary vehicle lacquers? Want to express your uniqueness and extravagance?
    Try brand new custom lacquers. Who said gold mining can't be fashionable!
    Available variants:
    • Camo
    • Leopard
    • Pink
    • Golden

    Performance upgrade
    Confirmed by players, new fixes significantly improve frames per second rate. For more details, see the changelog or simply test it by yourself!

    Bug fixes
    With your help, before and during the open beta update, we were able to find and fix multiple bugs. For the full list, check the changelog.

    Just Updated

    Open Beta Update 1.3 is here!

    Gold Nuggetator, New Water Pumps, Vehicles Skins, Claims Reset - that's just the most important features.
    Check our changelog here.
    More info about how to join to the beta:

    New DLC Available

    Frankenstein Machinery has arrived!

    Mobile Conveyor and new Washplant parts are available to buy as a DLC.
    Visit our steam page to buy that DLC and add it to your Steam Account!
    See you on the claim!

    Just Updated

    It's time for Season 2.

    Fresh start for everyone with new and upgraded features.

    • Use De-Rocker to take your screening performance to the next level.
    • Stop digging blindly! Use Drilling Machine and find the biggest gold deposits on your parcel.
    • There is new claim available. Explore it to find more gold then ever before. See you at Nighthawk Parcel.
    • Don't limit yourself to one machine. Right now you can use multiple dumptrucks or any other machine.
    • and more!

    About the Game

    Make your gold mining dream come true! Start with nothing but few spare bucks and work your way up to becoming the millionaire. Gold Rush: The Game is a gold mining simulator based on smash-hit TV Series from Discovery Channel. Let's get digging!

    Sit behind the wheel of multiple vehicles such as excavator, drill, front-end loader, bulldozer, and others. The whole gold mining operation depends on your steering skills!

    Experience the challenging life of a chief mechanic. Various parts of machines can break when least expected and cost you big time.

    Keep improving your gold mining business. Start with a simple bucket and a hog pan, lease your first claim, and upgrade it to next tiers, as you begin to dig gold.

    Admire highly detailed vehicles and gold mining machines. Purchase new and more efficient wash plant parts to increase your earnings.

    We created a big, detailed world with four unique gold mining claims. On each, you will find a fully deformable terrain. Each fragment of our world has its own background story you can discover in your spare time.

    Check out another great game which is being developed in cooperation with Discovery Channel:

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