Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena

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On a quest to recover the Scepter of Zeus for The Museum of Lost Secrets, archeologist and adventurer Samantha Swift stumbles upon one of the greatest archeological finds of all time! Unfortunately, she also runs into greedy treasure hunter Ravena Stryker.

As Sam, you'll use your keen sense of observation to uncover treasures around the globe and unravel the mystery of the Roses of Athena in this hidden objects adventure game. Together with associates Dr. Norwynn Butler and Adam Woodson, you must be cautious to guard the shield from falling into the wrong hands-Ravena and her benefactor are always watching you!

  • Combines two great game modes-Hidden Object and Puzzle-Solving Adventure
  • Collect artifacts and finds for The Museum of Secrets Lost
  • More than 50 exciting levels to explore!
  • Find all six Roses to complete the Treasure of Athena as you travel the globe.
  • Hunt for tools to help you uncover Secret Items in each round.
  • Piece together your finds to make even greater discoveries!






Release Date

31 Oct 2008

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