The Battle for the Hut

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Nobody knows where the awful monsters that flooded the earth came from. They destroy everything on their path. The only place they haven’t yet reached is the royal castle. Strong walls restrain the invasion. Take the bow, sharp arrows and protect the city from uninvited guests! Besides to the bow, use the spells of three elements. Ice, flame and lightning will help destroy the most powerful enemies. For each passed level you get a stars, money and experience. The number of stars is award for the safety of walls, and gives experience for each killed monster. As soon as the band of experience is filled, you get a level, and you have access to new skills. Buy them for the stars in the main game menu. Besides, after reaching level 6 you will be able to change the type of arrows. Gold is a valuable resource. It will help you cope with immediate attack. Before each battle, use coins to buy disposable reinforcements. Features: - Simple mouse control! - 13 colorful levels! - 2 challenging boss! - 3 types of spells: ice, flame and lightning! - 4 kinds of arrows! - 20 types of enemies! - System of upgrades with experience and stars! - Buying disposable reinforcements before each battle!



Release Date

27 Apr 2018