Fanatical Save Pack - Tycoon

Fanatical Save Pack - Tycoon
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Lives are in your hands!

Decide the fate of your people in challenging and quirky scenarios with the Fanatical Save Pack - Tycoon.

Featuring two games, gamers will have to construct buildings and equipment to ensure that their civilians and patients live to see another day!

Take on the deadly wintry conditions in Frostpunk as the ruler of the last remaining city. You'll have to show true leadership and strategy skills as you're pushed to the brink of extinction - forage for supplies, build steam-powered generators and buildings, introduce new laws to better control your city and, above all, keep that furnace burning!

From Light-headedness where patients have lightbulbs for heads, to 'Mock Star' patients who think they’re the next Freddie Mercury - strategy sim Two Point Hospital adds a humorous twist to dealing with the day-to-day life of managing your own hospital. Begin your journey by curing the residents of a small harbor village before moving up to larger areas that require a hospital that works around the clock for its patients.

Improve your facilities, upgrade machines, staff and layouts to make more money – as well as training and improving all of your staff to unlock new skills and abilities for better efficiency!


Release Date

30 Oct 2018