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About Minecraft Mod Maker

Game description

Custom Minecraft mods, no coding needed

Minecraft Mod Maker is tool that lets you make your own Minecraft mods without needing to write a single line of code. By using a visual editor, and a blueprint-based language, you can easily create unique Minecraft mods, no coding experience needed.


Add your own custom blocks and set their behavior.


Create custom items, tools, etc. Custom items help any mod come to life. Like blocks, you can define behavior for these using the blueprint system.


Custom biomes are one of the best ways to enhance the feeling of Vanilla Minecraft. Create unlimited custom biomes and define rules for how they spawn and what they look like.


Custom trees can be added. You can choose characteristics for these trees like trunk block, leaf block, etc. You can also upload a schematic to use a custom built tree shape.

World Generation

Easily define how you want your world to be generated. No longer will you be restricted to default generation!


There's more to come! MMM is still in early development so there is not a final feature list at this time. Stay tuned and wishlist to hear more about possible features.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 10

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