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Release date

01 Nov 2007






About SimCity Societies

Game description

Control the social energies of your city. Download SimCity Societies and experience the most innovative game in the SimCity franchise. Like the previous SimCity games, the goal is to make a prosperous neighborhood where your Sims will live, work, and play, but you’ll go beyond simulated city building in your new role as “social engineer.” Societies knows that the heart of every town lies within its citizens and their relationships, and you get to control every factor of your community as it develops. Explore a wide variety of customization options and take advantage of new objects. Do you want a high-tech, futuristic universe full of flying cars and jetpacks, or do you prefer a quiet, rustic environment? The choice is yours (as always with The Sims) but this time what matters most is the social standing of your city. With six different “social energies” at your disposal — productivity, prosperity, creativity, spirituality, authority, and knowledge — you get to decide the core attributes of your civilization. Your actions affect the overall outcome of your city, as its appearance changes over time — along with the citizens, their attitudes, and the bustling activities of day-to-day life. Now that you’ve built your town, it’s time to establish a thriving culture with SimCity Societies. The fate of your Sims is in your hands. Features: • Revolutionary New Resource Management; Control The Social Energies Of Your City - Choose, combine, mix, and match 6 different social energies: industry, wealthy, obedience, knowledge, spirituality, and creativity to shape the character and style of your own city. A new system in SimCity Societies picks up on visual cues and adjusts lighting, music and textures on-the-fly. • Make An Artistic City, An Industrial State, A Police State… Or Anything You Want - Build your own kinds of cities. Strive to create an Orwellian Utopia, a city of technology, a city of contemplation, a candy land filled with gingerbread houses and chocolate factories, or wherever your imagination takes you. • Build Out The City With Unique Homes, Roads, Parks, And Industries - Choose from more than 350 buildings that are inspired by the realistic and fanciful archetypes, spanning from the industrial age into the future and beyond. As your city evolves, you’ll be able to unlock new buildings to help advance your society. • Share Your Unique Cities With Your Friends Online - SimCity Societies allows you to create your own unique cities to share with your friends online.

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