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Copyright law, although originally made with good intent, like any other rule or law, when it hurts its own purpose, winds up being against itself. Although guised as "rights for artists", in truth, it most of the time gets used by corporate bullies, and deviant art drama queens, to oppress creativity instead. Rules are meant to protect - not to hurt. With that being said, we should consider what it truly means to protect. When we place needless restrictions on the heart, it's a waste of time and a waste of life! And therefore, being uptight about the rules is against the rules!!!! 🏫🏫🏫

So... let's get rid of some of the mean copyrights, while playing a game that uses copyright evasion tactics at the same time!

- A game we all know and love, except with copyrights instead of blocks.
- Drop the copyrights, fit them together in patterns, and form lines of them in rows to clear them and score points.
- Clear multiple lines in a row for bigger points and multipliers.
- Go for a local highscore and upload it to the steam cloud.

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