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31 May 2005


Running With Scissors





About POSTAL 2: Apocalypse Weekend

Game description

So you survived a week in the Dude's shoes, think you can handle the weekend? Madcow-infected Tourettes Zombies roam the streets, Gary Coleman Demons appear without warning, HIV dervish attack cats whiz around tearing off limbs like tiny Tazmanian Devils while Sewer Taliban plot sinister assaults. Endure an insane boss battle like you've never imagined in your wildest Absithe-fueled nightmares! Is it real? Or is that damn self-inflicted head-wound you picked up in Postal 2 to blame? You decide! -Introduces new enemies, levels and weapons including the incredible boomerang machete! -Don't let your sledgehammer get stuck in a cow's butt! You've been warned! Explore all new areas of Paradise, AZ More than nineteen new maps to go Postal in! Ten new story-driven missions featuring trademark RWS humor Slice and dice your enemies with insane new weapons Such as the Scythe, Sledgehammer and the infamous Boomerang Machete Creativity-rewarding weapons design allows players to be inventive Powered by Epic’s Unreal Technology Includes updated level editor

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