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If you like dynamic action, immersive storyline, various scenarios and great entertainment - you've come to the right place. During the game, your agility will be put to the test - you will have to show quick reaction, accurate eye and clever solutions. Both the first person and third person perspective will give you a fantastic experience with a dose of realism. All this you get at an attractive price - the cheapest action games you can find on cost less than 5 USD/ 5 EUR!

Whether you want to move into the heart of World War II or face the hordes of undead mutants, we encourage you to check our offer of action games. If you're not a fan of shooting, you can always become a treasure hunter and ancient artifact hunter or go to the racetrack behind the wheel of exclusive cars - these action games can also be found in our database. You'll find more than a few hundred different titles on our website, so whatever your preferences, you can be sure you'll find something interesting for yourself! 

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When you play action games, you can be good or bad, create an inheritance or destroy it, discover secrets or create your own secrets. It is not uncommon for us to face the choices and decisions that irreversibly affect the course of the game. This type of games gives you incredible variety, no limitations, and in cooperation mode and multiplayer mode you will be able to share entertainment with a pack of your friends and acquaintances.