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This DLC requires base game Neverwinter.

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About Neverwinter: Dragonborn Legend Pack

Game description

Unleash the power of the Dragonborn and become a Legend in Neverwinter with the Dragonborn Pack! The Dragonborn Legend Pack contains exclusive access to the Dragonborn race and many items to aid you on your adventures through Module 4: Tyranny of Dragons. Prepare to battle Dragons with new artifacts, enchants and unique items specifically crafted for Dragon Slaying. This pack contains the following 12 items: Dragonborn Race For the first time in Neverwinter, play as a Dragonborn! Children of Io, the great dragon-god, the dragonborn are a steadfast and honorable people who have thrown off the shackles of their former dragon masters. The Dragonborn is the only race that allows players to add +2 to any two stat categories. They also come with additional racial bonuses including 5% more healing from all sources and a 5% chance on attack to apply Dragonborn Fury, increasing Power and Crit by 3%. Once unlocked on your account you can make any number of Dragonborn. Heart of the Red Dragon Artifact Harness the power of the dragons with this exclusive artifact. Used by the human servitors of the ancient Dragon Empire to enforce the Emperor’s will, the Heart of the Red Dragon allows you to breathe flame! Dragonborn characters can take advantage of their affinity to get even greater effects from this artifact. The Heart of the Red Dragon starts at Rank 60 and can be upgraded to Rank 100. Each character on the account can acquire a Heart of the Red Dragon from the Dragonborn Legend Pack. Ring of Dragon Slaying This epic ring grows in power with you as you level and causes your attacks on dragons to strike with extraordinary might! This is an account-wide item, each character on the account can acquire the ring. Gemfinder Enchantment Dragons are always in search of greater wealth. Utilizing draconic essence, this enchantment summons Will o’ Wisps as you engage in combat, which will seek out and reveal valuable gemstones for use in refining your items. This is a purple rank 9 enchantment that can be slotted in a utility slot. This item can only be claimed once through the Rewards Claim Agent. Dragon Glyphs When slotted into an overload slot, these enchantments embody the power of the chromatic dragons, charging your attacks and defenses with elemental fury. These enchantments are so powerful that they will only last for a limited time before dissipating! These items are a one-time purchase. You will be able to collect one of each Greater Glyph after purchasing the Dragonborn Legend Pack. Dragonborn Ceremonial Fashion A classic D&D item - drops a piece of useless junk on the ground when activated. This item can be claimed and equipped by all characters on your account! Dragonborn Warrior Fashion Never allow boredom to settle in - generate an infinite amount of party poppers to keep yourself entertained. This item can be claimed and equipped by all characters on your account! Draconic Enchantment This powerful enchantment draws upon the might of the dragons to add to three separate stats in either an offensive or defensive enchantment slot. This item can only be claimed once through the Rewards Claim Agent. Race Change Token What good is unlocking Dragonborn if your existing characters can’t come along for the ride? Be born anew with a Race Change Token! Using this token will allow you to change the race of an existing character, while keeping their level and all the riches they’ve acquired along the way. This item can only be used once per account. Extra Character Slot Want to start a Dragonborn of your very own? The Dragonborn Legend Pack comes with a character slot to make sure you have room to play your brand new race. Dragon Hoard (30 Slot Bag) Make sure you’re prepared for all the new items you’ll be collecting for your Dragonborn with the largest bag available in Neverwinter! This bag can only be claimed once per character. Bahamut Regalia This set of five powerful items, blessed by the metallic dragon god Bahamut, will grant you many boons and advantages when battling evil dragons. This item can only be claimed once through the Rewards Claims Agent. Redemption Instructions Visit http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/neverwinter/news/detail/6005943 for instructions on how to redeem your code!

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