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RPG games are one of the most popular genres on the market. They charm players with their storyline and take them to an open, living world. RPG gives players great opportunities and can drag them into their fantastic world for many hours. 

Another feature of this genre is its timeless character. Many RPG games have become cult games and are playable today even after 20 years. The story they tell is addictive and the graphics, although constantly updated, are secondary. Of course, few genres can match the appearance of modern RPGs, but it is not and never will be the main determining factor, because in a role-playing game it's all about the world, the possibilities and the story. 

RPG games give us the opportunity to create our own hero, with whom we can identify and travel through an unknown land, going north or south, east or west, being sure that in each case we have hours of gameplay waiting for us. 

The offer of RPG games is very rich, and within the genre itself there is a great diversity. The world of dragons, magic and sword, which is full of creatures on the roads, in caves and in castles await countless adventures. The world of the future is like a science fiction film, where we can travel by ship to the distant ends of our or distant galaxy, getting to know the world and races, which the authors of the classic fantasy did not dream about. A dark, postapocalyptic world in which an unknown and unimaginable danger awaits us at every step. 

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