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This DLC requires base game SimCity.

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Release date

05 Mar 2013





About SimCity: Airships Set

Game description

Take to the skies! Take to the skies! Float tourists into your city with the Airship Hangar or add the Commuter Airship Mooring to help the morning commute. Your city will soar to new heights with enormous airships drifting through your city. Two included Hot Air Balloon Parks will lift your Sims' spirits and raise the neighborhood's land values. Gasp in wonderment as lumbering blimps hover above your stadiums during events. Fill your city with airships with the Airships set and see your city really take off.NEW MASS-TRANSIT: AIRSHIPS!Stadiums not quite at capacity? Then you need the Airship Hangar. Plop the Airship Hangar in your city and you'll be able to welcome Airships bearing tourists from the region. With the added flexibility, you'll have no trouble filling stadium seats or getting gamblers in your casinos. Local shops will benefit from the steady stream of tourists on airships as well.Tourists aren't the only kind of Sims that your city needs! Add a Commuter Airship Mooring to your Airship Hangar to float commuting Sims to work or shop in your city, or to take your city's Sims to a neighboring city.NEW PARKS: HOT AIR BALLOON PARKSLighter-than-air technology isn't useful solely for travel. The Airships set also includes two Hot Air Balloon Parks. The Hot Air Balloon Park is a pleasing park that lets your Sims forget their cares and see everything from a new perspective. The Urban Hot Air Balloon Park is a more ostentatious park that lets your wealthy Sims hover above it all and feel better about themselves.NEW PARKS: HOT AIR BALLOON PARKSOnce you have airships in your city, blimps will float in to report on special events in your city like sporting events or concerts at your stadiums. Also included in the Airships set are two new achievements. Can you rise to the challenge?

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