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14 Dec 2016


Indie Dynamics

About Boyar

Game description

Witness a legend be born from the ashes of darkness; a hero be forged from the heated iron of war and a nation be torn from a barbaric horse. Introducing "Boyar" A young boy’s vision torn from his very heart and soul as his country goes to war against a barbaric foe, explore the world around you and unlock the secrets held within. You are a soldier of the Balkan’s in a time of ageless and endless war and ailments; from the black death to the scourge of an ultimate enemy, your battles are seemingly never ending. In this game the player must become what he has always dreamed of becoming; a royal knight or boyar to the Bulgarian throne, why stop there? You could push yourself to perhaps even becoming the king or high ruler of all of Bulgaria! The world is your playground But what will you do? Will you train to become the valorous knight, rob the rich and give to the poor, become a mercenary and show no mercy to those you are paid to eliminate? Perhaps even become a merchant or spy for rival realms? The world is yours. This game is currently in development and is subject to change: Please forward all questions as discussions so the developing team may better read and answer each question asked.

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