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Game Info

Release date

17 Feb 2020




About DeadEye

Game description

DeadEye is a classic top-down shooter with stealth, arcade, action and RPG elements. Take control of a single Bionic unit and move him around a hostile territory. You choose whether you want to avoid or fight dozens of enemies, breaking through underground vaults – shape your own playstyle! The game will have difficulty settings, adjust its level to your preferences – play for the story, for the gameplay, for both or push yourself to the limit in hardcore mode.

Main plot

The game allows you to take control of a Bionic which, after a long period of inactivity, has been rebooted. The damage caused to numerous of your systems has certainly been the reason for your shutdown. You quickly notice, however, that someone has made many unauthorized alterations to your body. Unfortunately, your memory chip seems to be defective and apart from few reminiscences, you do not remember much. The place where you are currently located looks like a dump in one of the human vaults. You are shocked by the sound of a message incoming to your TexCom. Reading it makes you realise how an important individual you are.


Action of DeadEye takes place in the near future, in which humanity invented its greatest creation – humanoid robots with artificial intelligence called Bionics. But they were far from mindless machines – they had emotions and feelings just like their makers. Humanity, fearing its own invention, limited their freedom with three major principles:

  • A Bionic may not injure a human,
  • A Bionic must obey a human’s orders,
  • A Bionic must protect its own existence.

Due to these laws, humanity has mastered its fear of the unknown. Bionics had been restricted to an area where they could develop freely. They have established a society without crime and poverty. Bionics thrived and grew exponentially, their technology allowed them to surpass mankind’s peak achievements in a blink of an eye. The success enjoyed by the newly created utopian nation quickly aroused jealousy. The media began spreading rumors about Bionics’ scheme to break the three rules. The turning point in the history of the inhabitants of the earth was called the Juliett incident, named after a human child who was supposedly killed by a Bionic who pushed it in front of a moving car. The fear that lied dormant in people’s hearts resurfaced and quickly turned into hatred. Humanity struck in a flash with an attack orchestrated so well, as if it had been prepared for a long time. The defenseless land of Bionics stood no chance. However, the real terror was yet to come. Remaining countries began to fight for the technology that bionics left behind, which quickly turned into a massacre, a war with no winners. Hundreds of nuclear explosions have sterilised the surface of the earth, and the remnants of humankind have been driven to underground vaults where they curse the day, when Bionics came into existence.


Our Bionic carries the Terminal at all times – it is a very convenient tool that every member of its kind has been equipped with. In the following sections, we will briefly discuss its functionalities:

It is the equivalent of human memory. Bionics store important facts about their lives in personal databases that are kept on a cutting-edge biotronic chips. Initially, most files of the Bionic that you control are damaged, but they can be gradually restored by collecting memory shards during the playthrough of the game.

Each Terminal has a TexCom – a kind of an e-mail box. A player can use it to chat with storyline characters. A very valuable tool to gather pieces of information that you can use to make the right decisions.

The terminal also influences the software and hardware of our Bionic. Use development kits found in the game to upgrade your character. Choose from variety of options, focus on offensive or defensive skills, depending on what you like. Adapt your Bionic to the playstyle you prefer!


Since remnants of human race found their refuge in the underground vaults, they are so much more than dull, cramped spaces. A vault is almost like a living organism with most of the parts vital for its existence. Explore the miniature city and discover all of its secrets. Visit customized residential areas, food production zones and entertainment sectors. Take a peek at health center and unveil how scientists solved a problem of underground electricity generators. Pay a visit to one of the best underground universities and see for yourself how hi-tech propaganda penetrates lives of humans.

Players will meet many interactable objects on their way. Sometimes it’s just a button that opens doors or turns off the lights, but there are situations where players can test their Bionic’s hacking skills during different minichallanges.

Cables is a mini-game in which you take control of the power system in a given sector of a bunker. It allows you to connect objects to electricity or shut them down. Turn off the cameras to prevent them from spotting you, open locked doors or switch on disabled computers. All with a few well thought clicks!

The goal of the memory mini-game is to remember the arrangement of the green tiles and then match them all when they are covered. However, if you click a red tile, you have to start hacking from scratch. But you must stay focused! Time does not stop when hacking – so roaming enemies are still a danger that you need to be vigilant of.


Combat is one of many important aspects of DeadEye. Even though your Bionic has a rifle, it is not very well suited to fighting larger quantities of opponents. Skirmishes should be chosen wisely and enemies ought to be defeated one by one. Plan your battles in great details: engage, find cover, aim and shoot when you are sure to hit, timing is essential. Direct clashes might turn your Bionic into a lifeless metal scrap.


One of goals for DeadEye was an online multiplayer mode for up to four players. The Mechanicode team can provide you with special levels prepared for three different modes: cooperation, challenges and PvP (including team deathmatch and capture the flag).


Every object that you will see in game (including items and characters) has its beginning as a sketch on a piece of paper. The drawing goes through many stages before final effect is reached. To give you an insight into the artistic process of creation, we posted a picture below that will allow you to compare the first and last stages of its production.

2.5 Dimensions

DeadEye combines two approaches. Most of the elements of the environment are textured three-dimensional objects, while the characters are animated frame-by-frame drawings. This combination makes the game, despite its cartoon character, mature artistically.

System requirements

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