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About Magic Ring Dragons Lord

Game description

Global service, classic legend! Fight BOSS, grab equipment, siege battles, guild battles, and world BOSS, territory battles, cross-services battles, and more! Compete with players from other countries for the world! All resources and currencies are available in the game! You can have everything if you spend time!

【Multiple game fun】[/bThere are more than 10 game plays to participate in every day
There are close to 15 copies to get a lot of resources
More than 20 boss maps to choose from

【Multiple career options】
There are three professions to choose from, and you can create three accounts in each zone to fully experience the fun of each profession!
Warrior: melee attack, high attack and high defense
Gunner: the gun to combat the profession of partial support, but also can summon pets to assist the battle
Mage: long-range attack, high attack and blood less

【Rich gameplay】
Every day there are more than 10 game play can participate in.
Battle BOSS: hundreds of BOSS can be killed, after killing can get rare equipment and a large number of props
National war: you can fight for the throne of your country, and you can also lead your subjects to fight for cross-services cities, and you can also kill BOSSes in cross-services cities, complete various tasks, and get various rewards such as Yuan Bao
Multi-player copies: Highly difficult copies that can be entered by teams and can obtain high-level equipment
Storyline copy: take you to understand the plot of the game in depth
Material copies: you can get various resources to improve your strength
Devil King Tower: You can get battle patterns and materials to upgrade battle patterns
Martial arts arena: you can get points and gold, points can be exchanged for many rare props
Gold dungeon: a lot of free treasure, kill the turtle can be picked up!
Demon invasion: The barbarian king leads his people to invade the main city, you can get high level equipment after killing.
Chaos Battlefield: You can get a generous reward for each layer of the Chaos Rift, the higher the layer, the more generous the reward, and the higher the difficulty of the BOSS.

【Numerous systems】
There are systems such as transmogrification, mounts, skills, battle patterns, homes, pets, etc. that can be used to improve your abilities, and most of the resources can be obtained in the game

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: I5
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 2 GB available space

Price History of Magic Ring Dragons Lord

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